3 easy crochet patterns for beginners

free easy crochet patterns for beginners OURAQMG
free easy crochet patterns for beginners OURAQMG

There are many different types of crafts they require you to have a deep understanding about it. However, weaving crochet doesn’t belong to this category. There are many easy crochet patterns that you can create with some basic knowledge about crochets. Over time you can learn advanced patterns, but for the mean time you can use these patterns to create attractive accessories.

  1. Chain Necklace- It is one of the easiest crochet patterns for beginners. It only requires you to have the knowledge of making chains and singular stitches from the crochet thread. You will be required to weave the work for creating circles that will look like a necklace. If you are not comfortable with thin crochet thread, you can use a thicker yarn initially.
  2. Bookmarks- This is yet another crochet pattern which can be made by beginners. It only consists of the singular crochet stitch and you can use yarn as well as thread for creating it. Continue weaving until the required length and that’s it, your bookmark is ready for use. Apart from using it yourself, you can also gift it to someone special.
  3. Scarf- Scarves are easy to make and there are many different ways in which you can create them and some of them can be easily made by beginners as well. For creating a simple scarf you should know how to stitch single and double crochet. You can choose a worsted weight of yarn and crochet hook of size H. Both of these are ideal for beginners.

Now that you know 3 of the easiest crochet patterns, get going and with experience you will excel the craft and will be ready to learn more about advanced patterns.

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