3 free knitting patterns for beginners

You are new to the knitting world doesn’t mean that you will be deprived of the most beautiful knitting patterns. It is true that to try more complicated and elegant patterns, you need to make yourself more familiar with knitting principles. But still, there are some free knitting patterns for beginners that are waiting to be explored by you. Here are 5 of them.


If you have mastered the art of making slip knots and single stitches, you are ready to start knitting hats. You just need to use straight knitting needle and finally give it a round shape. If you are making it for a baby or toddler, then you are lucky. Take a bright coloured yarn and make a small cute hat.You need to put little effort and little time, making it.


If you are searching for free knitting patterns for beginners, you are very likely to get maximum scarf patterns. Indeed, they are the easiest to make and particularly suitable for your knitting practice. If you are ready to take challenges, why not try to knit some additional decoration on the plain scarf?


Keep on doing stitch and purl for 2 days and the end result is a beautiful blanket. It’s true. Blanket knitting is that easy. Though, there are complicated patterns, a self knitted simple blanket or afghan will offer you enromous warmth during the cold season.

Not only these, but there are actually many more designs that you can try for perfecting your knitting. Best is to practice by making baby items since they are simple and small.

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