5 Men Fashion Tips for Future Reference

Attire and appearance play a huge role in impressing anyone. Men do not dress up for women only but so as to make a good impression for their boss. Clothing on the whole is extremely important from every aspect. Bringing the scope on men fashion, since it is very diverse and the slightest mistake like a wrong selection of shoes may affect your entire outlook. Refer to this brief and informative list of tips to flawlessly pull off men fashion.

1. Fittings

Most men prefer to wear baggy clothing since it is comfortable. But baggy clothes give off a very different impression. Wearing too tight and too wide clothes are both bad examples. Instead go for clothes that are almost tight.

2. Too Fancy

Wearing more than 3 colors or 3 pieces of jewelry is not right. If you are looking for a bright display then choose a refreshing look like a striped dress shirt, white blazer, sharp dress shoes and a dark pair of jeans. A watch or a subtle necklace is your choice.

3. Casual

Casual doesn’t mean plain or boring. Change your gloomy looks to ones with a little bit of spazz like collared shirts, dressy belts, shades or coats.

4. Fashion Clothing

Nothing looks worse than shirts with huge Coco-Cola logos on their back. Loose the nerd look and go for an artsy V-neck or long sleeved sweatshirt.

5. Brands

If you see a belt or shirt from Louis Vuitton doesn’t mean it has to find a place in your wardrobe. Think rationally and imagine yourself wearing the item you’re about to buy. Is it worth it?

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