A beginners’ guide on knitting loom patterns

This guide aims at imparting the basics of loom knitting using the example of cowl knitting. Even if you have never done knitting or crocheting before, you will be able to finish knitting loom patterns in short spans of time.

You just need one loom knitting kit and a roll of yarn. First, choose a ring from the kit to fit the size of the cowl. Then wrap your yarn around the sides of the peg and make loops each time. Make sure that the loops are tight enough. Once you are done with one row, do another one on the ring.

Most kits also include a weaving tool. Use that to take the bottom loop over the top loop and also over the peg and then bring it to the center. Keep on doing this for the first row.

To continue knitting loom patterns, you need to create loops around the peg as before and using the weaving tool, need to weave the loops. If you knit 30 rows like this, that should be enough. If you would like to make the cowl larger, you can knit another 30 rows. A complete skein of yarn is enough for that.

Once you are done, cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Now use a plastic needle, supplied with your kit to close off the loops around the pegs. Make it so tight that when you stretch your cowl, the rows are evenly positioned. To finish knitting loom patterns, you just need to make a tie and cut off the excess yarn.

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