A guide to chunky knit scarves

chunky knit scarf oslo sparkle solid knit scarf by scarves.com OFUKMVA
chunky knit scarf oslo sparkle solid knit scarf by scarves.com OFUKMVA

Winter is here. So are the chilly winds, cold weather and bonfire. Warm apparel that is both chic and cozy at the same time is the perfect answer to all your qualms this winter. Scarves, particularly, are one of the most important parts of your complete winter wardrobe.

I am sure you have all noticed the increasing trend of thick, chunky knit scarves which is all over the winter fashion shows and brand collection.

Theses scarves add a touch of chic to any dress they are worn with. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, they can be put on with almost any type of basic clothing, be it classic blazers and trousers or a flower-patterned woolen dress.

However, according to fashion experts, these scarves look best when worn with winter coats and jackets. This way, it gives the whole apparel the perfect winter look. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing these knit scarves, which confirms these scarves a definitely in these days and one just needs to get their hands on one of these scarves.

Knit scarves are available in a number of brand outlets. As mentioned earlier, these scarves have been launched by a number of clothing designers in their fall and winter collections.

Either that, or you can choose to make one of your own, If you know how to knit basic knitting patterns, you can easily make one of your own with thick yarn, color of your choice of course. All you have to do is make the pattern a little thicker than usual to achieve the desired chunky knit scarf look.

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