A guide to crochet baby headbands

I am sure you have all found babies wearing headbands adorable. Now you can make these head bands for your little girl as well!

Crochet baby headbands are quite simple and easy to make. Even if you have just begun knitting or have learnt how to crochet recently, you would be easily able to make a headband. Headbands are usually made from rather simple knitting patterns and stitches. You can make one by knitting lace patterns, chain patterns or braid patterns-any think pattern would do.

While making a baby headband, the first tip is to measure the diameter of your baby’s head. Weave the headband approximately 2-3 centimeters more than the measured length.

Next, decide the type of material you will be using. Usually a stretchable material is preferred for headbands. You can use wool for this purpose.

You can also make multi-colored hair bands by using wool in different colors. For a dual-colored band, use different colored wool in alternative stitches.

The hair band can also be decorated. For this purpose, you can make an additional pattern on top of the base hair band.  You can make wool flowers other shapes and sew them on top of the hair band. You can easily find tutorials for woolen flowers online. You can also choose to stitch in sequins or multi-colored buttons-both give a cute effect.

Baby crochet headbands will definitely add to your little girl’s looks, seem adorable on her. They make the most simple baby accessories.

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