A guide to knitted baby booties

Knitted baby booties can be a wonderful present for a baby who you care for a lot. Anybody can visit a gift store and spend some money on a nice expensive gift but getting a baby something that you have created with your own hands conveys your deep emotions and the fact that you care a lot. It is not a difficult task to make some knitted baby booties on your own. First of all you need to choose the material you are going to yarn. You need to choose some thick fiber so that the booties may be warm and cozy. After that you need to choose the right needles. Using regular needles is recommended instead of double pointed needles.

There are a lot of different Knitted baby booties that are available in order for beginners to make some fine booties for your babies on your own.

Some fine patterns for knitted baby booties are described below.

Shamrock knitted booties:

These booties depict some Irish traditions. They are a very appropriate choice for your baby to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. They require beginner level knitting techniques and may be created using olive and white colored vanna’s choice yarns.

Baby love booties:

Baby love booties are a very adorable choice for a Valentine’s Day outfit. All you need is a cranberry and white colored Vanna’s choice yarn and some basic knitting techniques in order to knit these beautiful booties for your baby.

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