A guide to knitted socks

knitted socks free easy knitting sock pattern ZKKXZGG
knitted socks free easy knitting sock pattern ZKKXZGG

Knitting some socks on your own to keep you warm is not a very difficult task. We will help you and provide a few simple instructions to make your own knitted socks. You just need to have some basic prior knowledge on how to cast off, cast on, purl and knit. The steps will guide you through the process of knitting from the toes in the upward direction. Double pointed needles are recommended for this job.

First of all you need to choose a yarn. Never choose a thick one as it would not give you some practical knitted socks. Choose a yarn of medium thickness if you want to have some nice and comfortable socks.

A few basic knitted socks patterns especially devised for beginners are described below.

Basic socks:

It is a very easy pattern and is very convenient to make even for beginners. These stocks are made for both women and men.

Beginner socks:

Beginner socks are the basic socks patterns designed to be worn by women. They may be jazzed up using colorful yarn balls. The basic technique is to knit 7 stitches for every inch.

Bird of a feather socks:

This pattern requires 8 stitches for every inch. These socks are every beautiful and appealing.

Cat’s paw socks:

Cat’s paw socks are very stylish socks designed to be worn by women. They have a stitch pattern of a dainty cat’s paw. 5 stitches are knitted for every inch in this pattern.

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