Amigurumi crochet basics

The amigurumi crochet technique originated from Japan where it was the basic crocheting technique for stuffed animals and other inanimate creatures. Today it is the most popular crocheting technique for crocheting items that need stuffing. Learning the technique will prove to be very useful, as you will make many stuffed items such as dolls, cushions, table mats and any other accessories you can think of.

Materials Used

For amigurumi crochet you will need yarn of your choice. This will depend on the amigurumi project you want to undertake. You will also need a crochet hook of the required size for your pattern. You will require a stitch marker or safety pin to mark where rounds start and finish. A yarn needle for weaving in the loose yarn ends after the project is completed will also be required together with the stuffing material, preferably Polyester fiber fill.


A slip knot and a chain stitch are the most basic stitches used in amigurumi crocheting. You will thus need to know how to work these stitches, as well as the single and double stitches. Knowing how to increase and decrease these stitches is also necessary, to make out the body of your amigurumi project.

Other stitches used include the half double crochet stitch and the triple crochet stitch. Once you have mastered these crochet stitches and have also familiarized yourself with the abbreviations used in the tutorials, you will be able to make any amigurumi crochet item you wish to.

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