An overview about afghan crochets

Afghan crochet is a very common crochet type. It is also known as Tunisian crochet and makes use of an elongated hook along with a stopper which is known as an Afghan hook. Afghan crochet is blend of knitting as well as crocheting. In order to make an afghan crochet, a number of slip stitches are carried out. Once that is done, the first row is completed when the Afghan hook is inserted back in to the previous chain link. Free the yarn’s free end, the hook is grabbed and a loop is created. This process is known as casting on. Multiple loops are carried out using these techniques and after reaching the required number of loops, they are carried out in the reverse direction. A complete row is created in such a way. The yarn’s tension is much lesser than that in a standard knitting or crochet.

Afghan crochets are also available in round shapes just like seamless caps. They are very commonly used and are popular among the youth as well as mothers for their babies. A large variety of these crochets is available throughout the market. You can buy one by visiting any retail store or by reaching an online store over the web. In comparison to retailers, online stores offer a larger variety of this stuff and their rates are more competitive. Moreover, you get the liberty of choosing the afghan crochet of your choice while sitting in your own home.

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