Appealing crochet baby blankets

The baby blankets are one of the most important things during the life time of a baby. Blankets are a means of keeping the baby warm and cosy during the winter days. Mostly the crochet baby blanket patterns are appealing to little babies too. There are many crochet patterns that are used to make the blankets beautiful.

Cable Baby Blanket Pattern

The cable baby blanket is the most common crochet pattern that is taken up by the people. These are easy as compared to other patterns. For a cable crochet pattern you will need an 8 to 5 mm crochet hook and medium weighted yarn.

Baby Block Pattern

For a baby block pattern you will need a 6 to 4 mm crochet hook and a light weighted yarn. The basic pattern for baby block is simple and you just have to repeat the similar pattern.

Sea Blue Baby Afghan Pattern

This pattern is associated with baby boys. These serve as a great gift for the baby showers too. The home-made baby will be used up for many years. This pattern requires a 6 to 10 mm crochet hook and a heavy weighted yarn material.

Lace Border Blankets Pattern

This pattern is the most common crochet baby blanket pattern. The blankets of the babies are stitched with an appealing border pattern. The crochet hook of at least 4 to 6 mm is required and the yarn to be used should of light weight.

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