Baby blanket crochet patterns to try out

Nothing can be as rewarding as crocheting your own baby blanket. You can start as early as possible, before the baby arrives and make crochet blankets ready for the baby to use once they arrive. There are many patterns to choose from, which can either be used singularly on their own or coupled with otter patterns to make beautiful blankets. The patterns shared are applicable for both beginners as well as advanced crotchetier.

Garter Stitch Pattern

The garter stitch is a very basic stitch. It is easy to learn and crochet, so you can finish your project in very little time. For baby blankets it is advisable to go for worsted yarn that is soft to the touch, easy to wash and safe for the baby. You will find many garter stitch tutorials available on the net, both video and text with images to help you understand how to do it. You can also try making the blanket using a sprout yarn, and see how firm yet soft the results will be.

Lace Crochet Pattern

The lace crochet pattern is ideal for making blankets suitable for the warmer seasons. Small holes that are made all over the blanket make it possible for the baby to keep cool in warm weather. Worsted yarn of either cotton or acrylic that is light can be used to make the blanket. You can add more than one color of yarn to the blanket to make it more colorful, as well as add ribbons on the edges.

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