Beautiful scarf knitting patterns

People think that scarf knitting patterns are only for those who have been knitting for the past few years but this is so not true. The truth is that the scarf knitting patterns are for everyone who has a flair for knitting. People who are still beginners can easily make wonderful designs on scarves if they set their mind to it. Most scarves are a straight cut and do not require much expertise besides a neat stitching hand. Therefore, a scarf is something that can be easily made by anyone who wants to make pretty designs to impress those who are close to their hearts.

Diagonal scarves

Diagonal scarves are a great style statement and anyone who wears them on daily basis can tell you how they match perfectly with every outfit. This is the most amazing part of using a diagonal scarf that they work great with all of your dresses. You can wear it with trousers and a shirt. You can also team them up with other variations.


Ponchos are worn all around the neck and have been in use for ages now. They never seem to go out of fashion. They are a great scarf knitting patterns example. They work fine with casual dresses like jeans and sweat shirts to give you that cutest look ever.

Necklace scarves

They are the ones you can make most changes in. These scarves are highly unconventional. The very chic and trendy look makes them our favorite.

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