Beginner knitted scarf patterns to try out

knitted scarf free beginner scarf knitting pattern LRPWGJP
knitted scarf free beginner scarf knitting pattern LRPWGJP

Every knitting beginner almost always starts with the scarf as their first knitting project. This is because scarves are easy to knit, do not require a lot of details and you’ll just have to focus on the knitting technique without worrying too much about the gauge. Here are a few simple patterns to try out with your beginner scarf project.

Ribbed Knitted Scarf Pattern

The ribbed pattern is simple and easy to learn. It requires some knit and purl to create the ribbed patter. This pattern is also among the most basic patterns every beginner must learn before progressing to more complex patterns that require the knit and purl stitches.

Garter Stitch Knitted Scarf Pattern

Another very basic scarf pattern to learn, the garter stitch is the most common and simplest of all basic knitting stitches. Here every row is knitted or purled to create the garter pattern. The result is a flat lying scarf that is reversible and has a rustic look to it.

Drop Stitch Knitted Scarf Pattern

The drop stitch is also another easy stitch to learn and produces great scarves when done with care and attention. With time, any beginner can learn to incorporate other stitch patterns such as the scrunch for a more flattering scarf.

As with all other knitting project, regular practice will always enhance your knitting skills, and you thus are able to move from the basics to the intermediate knitting level and make other intricate scarves and wearable items.

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