Best christmas gift – knit gloves

Knit gloves or mittens designs are available in printable form. One can also download these patterns from different websites and start working on them. Knitting is fun but needs precision for better results. Knitting a glove is not a easy task. Gloves can be knitted in different sizes. Selecting a proper yarn is important to determine the thickness of the gloves. Knit gloves can be used as a protective cover for protection from cold. On the other hand mittens are for smaller babies to protect their hands from scratching on their face etc. The instructions on the size will be provided in the pattern and one needs to follow them. The sizes may depend upon the hand and hence should be customized accordingly. Knitting a glove requires some knitting skills. A new beginner may find it difficult to do the project as it may be tricky and difficult to understand the pattern.

For proper measurement measure the hand above the knuckles, include the tip of your thumb too. This will give a clear picture about the thickness and size. Accordingly one can select the fabric for the gloves. Use the thumb tip to get the perfect size for the gloves. Knit gloves can also be gifted to your friends and family members. Mittens are a good gift for the babies especially when they are knitted using a natural fabric like cotton or wool. This will give the baby warmth and protection without causing any skin irritation or rashes to the baby.