Colorful crochet headband pattern

Crochet Headband Patterns are in abundance if one was to look for them. All those girls who have long hair or even short hair face the problem of keeping their hair off their faces. There are a few options of doing this. One is to use hair pins and tick pins to keep them in place but these methods are known to cause pain because of their pulling nature. So everyone wants a way that is soft on the hair. The next option of course is to use a hair band to keep your hair pulled back but most hair bands are made of plastic and that is not a very eco friendly method of using a material. So what can be done to solve this predicament? A very eco friendly way of doing it is using crochet designs to make a headband.

Crochet headband patterns are colorful and so pretty. You can experiment with a large variety of colors from royal blue to light pink depending on your skin type. Here is a little sneak peek into them:

  1. Light colored Crochet Headband patterns: They look great on darker complexions. If you have a new tan that you would like to show off, this kind of pattern will suit you the most.
  2. Dark colored Crochet Headband patterns: People with lighter skin complexions can carry this with ease. Be careful with the color because it might make you look pale. So choose the right color for yourself.