Contemporary and modern hat knitting patterns

In winters hats are of supreme importance. Hats with cool and stylish designs on them are very trendy these days. The knitted hats save your head along with your ears from the cold weather and keep everything warm. The hats are mostly made of woolen cloth. The woolen cloth is very warm, cozy, delicate and easy to knit. The soft wool thread is used while making up a woolen hat. There are several knitting patterns for hats that you may take up to make the hats of your accord and taste.

The Waffle Hats

The waffle hats are knitted as to give a shape of a waffle. These give a warm and cozy appearance and are perfect for using in cold weather.

Vintage Hats

These type of hats follow the out-dated styles and patterns, but still these patterns are used as a building block to create innovative and new styles.

Stylish knitted Beret Patterns

Berets are a great way to keep the ladies warm during the winter days. The Beret knitting patterns for hats is very popular and it never goes out of fashion. These are useful in every season. Different types of beret knitting patterns include Chocolate Swirl Beret, Butterfly Beret, Chunky Beret Pattern, Alpaca Dinner plate Beret, and many more.

Brim Knitted patterns

The brim type knitting patterns of hats are very common these days. They give a modern and contemporary look to the hats.

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