Create a different look with – crochet shrug pattern

Shrugs are best for an evening out. Crochet shrug patterns are quick to make and does not require any finishing. They can be customized into any sizes Shrugs are a style statement for every occasion. Crochet shrug patterns looks best and can be teamed up with any top. Every women love to keep a shrug in her wardrobe. A shrug made from heavy weight yarn will make the shrug interesting. They can be styled in many ways and are

Different styles in crochet shrug patterns

  • Crochet shrug for spring: These are made with cool colors and are preferred for weekend parties. Wearing a shrug top will definitely make heads turn.
  • Circular shrug: These shrugs are circular in shape. They are very uniquely designed. These sensual top can be worn at different occasions and events.
  • Pretty shrug: These are simple girlie type shrugs that are made with yarn with fine weight.
  • Exquisite Crochet shrug: These shrugs are surely traffic stopper. They are made from light colored yarn and are preferred for late night parties.
  • Lacy shrug: These are cocoon shaped shrug. Ithas a flowy long back with a short front and a collar.
  • Fashionable shrugs: They are worn over tank tops. They are made from cotton and are best during summers.

Other types of crochet shrugs

  • Vintage circular shrugs
  • Comfy crochet pattern shrug
  • Easy shrug pattern
  • Cape shrug
  • Pristine crochet shrug
  • Crochet shawl shrug
  • Crochet Shrug with hood

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