Create a special blanket with the help of free baby blanket knitting patterns

Knit woolen clothes keep the baby warm during the cold weather. Free baby blanket knitting patterns are very useful in creating baby blankets that can keep your baby cozy and warm. These patterns are every easy and simple even for beginners. It will help to bring out the creativity. Different types of designs and colors can be used to create your own projects.

Different designs for knit baby blankets

  • Basket weave blanket
  • Diagonal square/ rectangle blanket
  • Color block blanket
  • Loop blanket
  • Lace baby blanket
  • Teddy bear baby blanket
  • Hooded blanket
  • Heart blanket
  • Two way striped baby blanket

Steps to knit baby blanket

  1. Select the stitch pattern or type of stitch you would want to use. One can research about the various design and type of stitches that can be used to create a unique pattern for the blanket. One can choose from free baby blanket knitting patterns available online.
  2. Select the yarn for the blanket. The yarn should be thick and soft. One can use natural fibers like wool, cotton instead of artificial fibers like polyester.
  3. Choose your needle. Select the appropriate size of the needle according to the yarn.
  4. Stitch a sample to check the yarn and the needle.
  5. Make the pattern according to the number of stitches.
  6. Knit the complete row. Follow the instructions of the pattern selected to create the blanket.
  7. Cast or bind off loosely.
  8. Stitch tightly the loose ends with the help of a needle. Weave them and cut the extra yarn.