Crochet curtains are the new trend


Crochet is a method of making fabric out of yarn using a hook which is specially designed for this purpose. The method is similar to that of knitting but both of them have their differences in the way stitches are treated and the tools used in these methods. Special needles are used for knitting and they have several active stitches at one time while in crochet, every stitch is completed before another can be started. Crochet curtains are one of those things that have gained popularity. These decorative curtains are not the bulky and silky ones, but they do meet our requirements. There are many different patterns in which crochet curtains can be made and these patterns can be used to add design to the curtains as well.

crochet curtains crochet window treatments pattern JOMVNDA
crochet curtains crochet window treatments pattern JOMVNDA

Different design

There are many different designs that can be made and many different patterns that can be followed. Coffee curtain is one of those patterns that really does show coffee beans on it. It is divided in two parts, one at the bottom and one at the top. Another famous pattern that can be followed is the Regal Peacock Lace Curtain which has been one of the most famous patterns because crochet curtains tend to have such patterns.


Crochet curtains have gained a lot of importance. There is no doubt that these curtains do provide you with some privacy when hung against the windows but this is only one reason that has made these curtains popular. The unique design and different pattern that is followed in making crochet curtains has provided us with an added advantage.

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