Crochet heart ideas to try

crochet heart how to crochet a heart - youtube LHFWBXL
crochet heart how to crochet a heart - youtube LHFWBXL

Heart shapes can be used for many stuffs and occasions. They can be used to accessorize key holders, table cloths, hair bands, Christmas trees or even chair cushions. Most notably, they can be used during the valentine season as a gift to a loved one. Learning how to make one is thus an essential addition to all your crocheting skills. Some of the patterns used are intricate, while others are easy to learn.

Stuffed Crochet Heart

This is excellent as an accessory to many items. A bigger version can be made for your cushion needs or as an added decoration to your already existing cushions. For this project you will need yarn on your color of choice, crochet hook, stuffing material and tapestry scissors and needle. The technique you use will vary, but you can try using the slip stitch and single crochet technique. You will first make round ring patterns that are adjustable and then link them together to create space for the stuffing to fill in.

Coin Purse Crochet Heart

You will require a smaller crochet hook to keep the stitching close together, yarn, needle, zipper, sewing thread and a pair of scissors. You will require to first crochet two hearts separately using the stitching technique of your choice. Remember to leave space where you will sew in the zipper. You will then stitch the two hearts together around the edges. Once done, you will have a coin purse crochet heart to use for your loose change.

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