Different crochet rug patterns

Crochet is an art of turning yarn into useful fabric. In this process the fabric is given the shape of an item such as clothing, rug or decoration while it is being made. It is very similar to knitting however, both the processes are not exactly the same. The knitting process depends on two long needles which are used to make stitches and many stitches can active at one time. On the other hand, a single hook is used for the purpose of crochet and only one stitch can be open at one time. Many patterns can be followed in crochet and one of the important patterns are crochet rug patterns. Crochet rugs are important items in the crochet family.

Different patterns

The words, Crochet rug patterns are self-explanatory. There are many rug patterns and  each one of them will lead to a differently designed rug. These rug patterns make it easy for you to make a rug of your own choice. Different patterns lead to different shapes. Crochet Doily rug has the shape of a flower. It has a different design in the center and petal like shape surrounding it. Some patterns can be followed to make a heart too.


Rugs are important parts of the house. They give a nice look to the floor and can also be matched with good looking carpets. They are soft and are made of a natural material. When you work hard for something, it is all the more attractive and that is how crochet rugs have gained importance.

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