Different patterns of knitted christmas stockings

This article is going to inform you about various patterns of knitted Christmas stockings. And make sure to have your knitting materials ready, because after knowing these simple yet beautiful designs, you won’t wait a minute to start trying them out.

Knitted mini Christmas stockings

These stockings are very easy to make and can be very well used to decorate Christmas trees. You can finish making such mini stockings in an evening, even if you are not an advance knitter. You require only two different colors of yarn and knitting needles. Traditionally used colors are red and white for Christmas purpose. The project will cost around $10 to $15.

Old fashioned knitted Christmas stockings

You can easily make these stockings if you love to be traditional. These stockings are larger than mini stockings and can be single or multicolored. You will need medium weight yarn and knitting needles for making these stockings and working at a moderate speed, you can finish it in a day or two. You have to spend around $20 for this project.

Button up stockings

If you would like to give exceptional look to your Christmas stockings, you can easily try to knit button up stockings. Main materials needed are usual as yarn and knitting needles; additionally, you would require buttons to fix on your stockings. With intermediate level of knitting expertise, you can finish it in an evening. To make this type of knitted Christmas stockings, you need to spend around $20.

Besides, there are plenty of other patterns for Christmas stockings that you can choose for knitting in this season.

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