Different types of crochet christmas ornaments

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new pattern ~ crochet christmas ornaments « crochet « zoom yummy - CFBVLPG

Christmas is a very good opportunity to try different crochet patterns as you need ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. Crochet Christmas ornaments are not only unique but they have the capability to take your decoration to a different level. And the best thing is that you need not be a pro to crochet Christmas ornaments. Here are some ideas to crochet ornaments for Christmas celebration.

Crochet wealth ornament

This is a perfect little ornament for your Christmas tree. To make this, you need beginner level of expertise. Each piece of ornament costs only around $3. So you can make as many as you need and can also send them as gifts. Use one light colored yarn to make this flower petal like ornament and add a contrast color bow to it. You can easily finish it in an evening.

Snowflake ornament

Among crochet Christmas ornaments; this pattern seems to be most beautiful. With your yarn and hook make snowflake patterns for your Christmas tree. Use only white colored yarn for this. Each ornament costs you around $10 and you can finish it in an evening.

Mini stockings ornament

Mini stockings are traditional ornament for Christmas tree. This particular crochet pattern is so easy to make that once you start you will get addicted to making them. If you have the whole weekend time, you can make a full bag of them and each piece costs you only around $10.

Christmas baubles

Another great ornament for Christmas tree is bauble. Take different colored yarn and make as many as you wish spending the whole weekend. Cost per piece is under $10.

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