Different types of sweater patterns

Sweater can be patterned in a number of ways. Knit sweaters are very amazing. One can knit the sweater in different ways. Some designs can be knitted in a flat way while some others are required to be knitted round. Center out, sleeve to sleeve are some other ways to knit sweaters. Certain techniques are used to knit the sweaters differently. It is important to decide on the style and pattern of the sweater in the beginning. If proper steps and instructions are followed one can complete the project without any difficulty.

8 construction ways of sweaters

  • Seamless: In this pattern the sweater are constructed in round pattern.
  • Cuff to cuff: These are casual, lay back style which offers a loose and comfortable fit. In this pattern casting is done on one edge of the cuff and ends to the opposite side of other cuff.
  • Flat with seams: These are small pieces which are handy to carry. They are constructed in a flat pattern.
  • Flat in two pieces: They are very easy designs and do not require much shaping. Front and back needs to be knitted and then joined with sleeves and sides.
  • Top down raglan: These are top down designs in which sleeves are attached to the neckline.
  • Top down yoke: These are seamless and are textured. These designs are started from top and ends at the bottom.
  • Steeked cardigan: These are patterned flat and stitched together in circular shaped.
  • Divided at armholes: These are long side seams that re round at the bottom the sleeves are patterned separately.

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