Discover simple steps for knitting patterns for baby blankets

When knitting blankets for the baby one should always pay more attention on comfort and safety of the baby. Baby blankets ate very easy to make and there are a number of patterns and designs available as knitting patterns for baby blankets. A knitted blanket made by a mother for her baby is the best gift as the baby wrapped in the blanket will always feel cozy and comfortable in it as if in mother’s hand. Using a soft yarn would be perfect in making the blanket comfy and cozy for the baby.

In order to make a knitting pattern for the baby blanket follow the below steps:

Select the stitch pattern or kind of stitch. Refer the dictionary to understand the pattern. Go through various online websites to get the best designs. If you are a beginner understand the stitches and directions first. Garter stitch, stockinet stitch etc. are perfect for baby blankets.

Baby blankets can be made from any kind of yarn. But normally for baby blankets it is advisable to use natural fibers which are softer and hygienic. Wool and cotton are the most preferred one for knitting patterns for baby blankets.

Select the needles as per the designs and fiber.

One can knit a sample to check the yarn and the needles.

Cast the stitches according to the size of the blanket.

Knit the entire row. Follow the instructions to create the pattern as per the design.

Cast off loosely and cut the excess yarn.

Using a tapestry needle weave the border of the blanket.

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