Easy crochet scarf patterns

easy crochet scarf burly, a manly scarf in easy tunisian crochet QZTELOQ
easy crochet scarf burly, a manly scarf in easy tunisian crochet QZTELOQ

Scarves are the most easiest to crochet as the patterns do not involve much variation. But if you are looking for easy crochet scarf patterns that also look very stylish, here are some options for you.

Infinity scarf

This is a very traditional scarf pattern, still looks very elegant. And the best thing is that you don’t need to be a pro to crochet these scarves. The use of bulky yarn in this type of scarves makes the crocheting easy. Usually made from one colored yarn, there is no harm if you would like to experiment by mixing different colors.

Loop fringe scarf

Next in the list of easy crochet scarf patterns comes loop fringe scarf. As the name suggests, the scarf has fringes, hanging from both ends. Make them of any vibrant color, using very bulky wool and you are ready to go outside even in minus temperature.

Super fast scarf

This is the pattern for the busiest crotchetier in the world. This pattern is made using alternate stripes of V stitches. You can either join the ends or leave them open. Both ways these scarves enhance a woman’s beauty.

Blush rose crochet scarf

Though the pattern requires using pink color, you can easily try other ladylike colors. Its lacy design makes it an item, perfectly suitable for special occasions. Two types of crochet motifs are combined to create this easy crochet scarf pattern.

As like many other crocheted items, these are not the only patterns. So, to bring variation, you can always look for other easy scarf patterns.

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