Easy knitting projects for beginners

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easy knitting projects 32 easy knitted gifts - extra large market bag - last minute VVYABWE

People often look for easy knitting projects when they start knitting as newbies. In fact, this is very wise to do. There are plenty of patterns available. It is not like that you will be bored soon. Moreover, these easy knitting projects produces beautiful items that encourage you to carry on knitting further. Let us take a look at the possible projects that you, as a beginner, should take up.


Knitting scarves is said to be the step stone to learn knitting. Scarves require very simple knitting and practicing these, you won’t realize when you will become a pro. Then there will be more options open either to try out complicated patterns of scarves or other knitting items.


Easy knitting projects also include Ponchos. You can make them easily in very short span of time. You just need to go on making simple stitches and then join the parts at the end. As simple as that. Before you start making complicated patterns, it is good to do some hand on practice, knitting Ponchos.

Baby booties

Any baby item is perfect for beginners since they are made small and simple. You just need to knit basic stitches to make these booties and then decorate it with buttons or ribbons to make them look cute.

Hot water bottle

You can knit these beautiful pieces by using chain stitches. Use either one or two coloured yarn to make them.

In addition to the above mentioned projects, as a beginner you can easily try knitting baby bibs, blankets, cowls, fingerless gloves etc.

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