Enhance your look with an amazing crochet skirt

A skirt made with crochet is a great way to dress for any occasion. Skirts can be worn in summers by one and all to look really chic and cool. Light colors like white or beige look best in summers but other colors can look good too. Skirts can be short or long, body hugging or lose with flair but they all look elegant. Skirts worn by little girls or adults alike can make a fashion statement.

The free form crochet skirt is made in a straight line with different motif patterns but there are a lot of choices to choose from. The niche crochet technique explores the use of cables with the crochet pattern.  At times a skirt can be made by working in a number of different stitches. The Revelry pattern is made with a combination of garter stitch knitting and a hairpin crochet lace. One of the most gorgeous skirts is the bohemian style skirt. This is made in a unique crochet design sometimes using two or three colors and these bohemian skirts are a style in themselves. At times the crochet skirt is accompanied with a matching crochet top or jacket. Though crochet designs have changed for the better over time, but the typical granny square colorful crocket design is still quite popular. Crochet skirts are also made with novelty yarns like angora rabbit fur and they give the look of fur. You can embellish a denim skirt with chains of novelty yarn to give an ethnic look. Sashay novelty yarn is used to make frilly skirts for toddlers decorated with ribbons.  Skirts for little girls come with matching crochet hair bands.

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