Entrelac crochet basics

entrelac crochet fingerless gloves XVIPHZF
entrelac crochet fingerless gloves XVIPHZF

Entrelac crocheting is a type of crocheting that involves having colored diamonds or squares in repeating patterns. The resulting work is a very visually appealing item. This pattern is achieved by the Tunisian crochet techniques. For you to be able to entrelac crochet, you will be required to know how to crochet the Tunisian way. A few basics on how the entrelac crochet is done will at least give you a hint on the whole process.

Materials You Will Need

For this project you will need yarn of more than one color, as the graphics required are multicolored. You will also need to have a Tunisian crochet hook to bring out the patterns as they should be. This is because the Tunisian hook has long shafts, and can thus hold more than one loops. You will also need to know how to do the chain stitch and the yarn over.

Once you’ve gathered the materials, you can start entrelac crocheting. You will be required to make a square at a time, thus make sure that you have the right sizes for the squares you want to make. The squares should also all be alternating in colors, and joined one to the other until the whole project is complete.

When you look at most entrelac crochet projects, you will realism just how beautiful the pattern is. What’s more, the entrelac crocheting itself is not so difficult to learn or master. Within a few days, you will have completed your project without much hassle.

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