Exquisite knit designs for you and you’re family

Once you have mastered the art of knitting you will be able to start your first design. Knitting refers to the knit or the purl stitch, how to cast stitches and how to bind off and how a dropped stitch can interfere with the pattern.

You can browse through free knit designs for women, men and children wear and accessories. There are endless knitting patterns for socks, hats, mittens, cardigans, scarves and even pet toys. After you see the attractive knit designs you will be inspired to start a knitting project. You can get small samples of the design that you can incorporate in your cardigan or scarves or you can make a cap, scarf, mittens or a pullover following the instruction given. When you have decided on the design you would like to knit, the first step is to get the yarn and needles. The letter ‘P’ indicates purl and the letter ‘K’ indicates knit. If you learn these two stitches it will be easy to make intricate designs too. You need to learn to read the step by step instructions because the pattern is written abbreviations. If you want the same results as the pattern then make sure the yarn you get is the same quality and the needle number is also the same as indicated in the pattern. Symbols and asterisks are used in knit designs to avoid repetition and also make the pattern easier to read. One thing is certain that if you follow all the instructions studiously you are sure to make a great pattern.