Flattering patterns for knitted cardigan

knitted cardigan cozy cable knit cardigan sweater VNSHJCM
knitted cardigan cozy cable knit cardigan sweater VNSHJCM

When it comes to clothing items, hand knitted items have proven to be a very classic number. Knitting has been around for ages, and even today, very flattering items are being made out of yarn. Knitted cardigans are one of those classic items that you won’t regret having in your wardrobe. You should in fact at least have one of these in your wardrobe for diversity as well as comfort.

Patterns used for making knitted cardigans are what will determine whether the cardigan will be flattering or not. Depending on creativity of the knitter, manipulating a pattern or two can transform what would have been a plain cardigan into a masterpiece. Here are a few patterns that have proven to be a favorite among knitters as well as cardigan wearers over the years.

Cable Pattern Knitted Cardigan

The cable pattern is perhaps one pattern that brings out a very intricate piece when coupled with another pattern or stitch pattern. Cable patterns are thus very popular with sweaters and cardigans, among many other wearable items. The pattern can be used to make cardigans for both men and women.

Lace Pattern Knitted cardigan

This pattern is popular with women and girls, as lace is most suitable for them. Lace is actually considered to be feminine, so this style is limited. The material used is light, thus the cardigan is suitable for warmer weather.

There are many other flattering patterns used when making knitted cardigans. Of course, the wearer will choose the styles that best suit and flatter them when going for knitted cardigans.

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