Free baby crochet patterns for scarf’s

In this article you will learn free baby crochet patterns which mainly focus on different styles of scarfs. Scarf’s are the most easy to crochet and will not take much of a mom’s precious time.

To crochet this scarf, you will need worsted weight yarn, size K crochet hook and sewing needle. Start by doing a slip knot and crochet a long thread of 224 stitches. Then continue making single crotchet stitches into each chain until the desired length is achieved. You need to make one single crotchet stitch into each chain stitch till the end. At the end, you should have 223 single crotchet stitches.

For the second chain, do a single crotchet stitch first and then make one chain of stitches to use it as a turning chain. Repeat this for row 2 until you receive the desired length.

You will notice that each stitch has two loops on the top. Be careful to stitch both these loops together. Though, other free baby crochet patterns for scarf’s can be made by stitching only one loop. But that are relatively complicated patterns, which are mostly suitable for advanced cricketers.

After crocheting the last row, don’t create a turning chain since your work is finished and you will not be continuing any more.

To end these free baby crochet patterns for scarf’s, leave at least 6 inches of yarn at the end. Cut it from the original loop. Use this cut yarn with your tapestry needle to weave the ends.

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