Granny’s favourite ripple crochet pattern

Ripples pattern are one of the favorites for many. They are very simple for creating blankets. They have beautiful ridges which made from multiple contrast colored yarn can bring wonders to the blanket. In ripple crochet pattern one has to crochet from the back loop of each previous row in the design. If you need a smooth texture then there is no need to crochet from the back loop. Ripple crochet patterns gives a wave look to the blanket. They can be created in any size for a baby or a toddler. They can be amazing gifts too. Granny ripple patterns are very vintage but can be used to create different crochet patterns for pillows covers, blankets, table cloth etc. Ripple designs are very fun and exciting once started.

Ripple designs are not straight patterns hence it is difficult to decide the number of chains to start the design. The chains length at the start of the design should be one and a half times more than the finished pattern. It is always safer to make extra chains or else the design will turn out to be short. Using different vibrant colors is the key to create a glorious, simple and soothing design. The ripple crochet patterns are rustic and hence magical.  These soft wave like designs look complicated and difficult. But there are easy version and simple designs are available too. Even a beginner can complete this project with easy by following the design instructions.

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