Guide to making crochet earrings

medallion crochet earrings FOWCCUR
medallion crochet earrings FOWCCUR

Following simple DIY guidelines, you can be able to make for yourself beautiful crochet earrings. Since most of the earrings are small, it is not really hard to grips the patterns and makes some few earrings within a few minutes. Patterns available for use are many, depending n what you want your earrings to look like. Yarn colors also come in many colors to help you match the crochet earrings with any outfit you have in your wardrobe.

What You Will Need

For this project you will need a crochet hog of suitable size, preferably a small one to bring out the detail of intricate patterns, yarn of your color of choice, scissors, embellishments for the crochet earrings, eye pins to make the earrings hooks and a nose jewelry pliers. If you want to, you can choose one for your earrings and make a crochet embellishment for it.

Making the Crochet Earrings

You can make the crochet earrings using simple stitches such as the slip stitch, chain stitch and double crochet stitch. Using either of these stitches you will be able to make great earrings patterns for your crochet earrings. Great simple tutorials are available online which you can follow and make tour earrings in no time at all. Common patterns are the circular patterns, diamond patterns and the star patterns. Doily earrings are also very cute and easy to make. If you have some amigurumi crochet skill, you will even be able to make for yourself amigurumi crochet earrings.

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