History and significance of poncho

A poncho is a woolen cloth that was usually designed in the South America. The cloth is made of a thick piece of a woolen cloth. The cloth has a slit in the middle of the head from where it’s worn. The cloth is widely used in the region because it provides warmth and cordiality during extreme winter days. They may be made by machine. But mostly are hand knitted ponchos. The poncho might seem a bit causal wearing but if they are worn perfectly they can have a direct impact on the personality of the women. They give a warm and cozy feeling and make you look beautiful and charming if worn the right way.

Usage of Poncho

The ponchos are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Choosing the perfect color, according to your clothing will make you noticeable among your friends. The size of the poncho matters a lot. It should not be too long or too short. Rather it should set according to your body size. With ponchos mostly long boots are worn which enhance the elegance of your body. In a rainy weather, you may use long rain boots; this will help you to keep your body dry and warm.

Hand Knitted Ponchos

The hand knitted ponchos are a great way of making your dressing elegant. Wearing such poncho on long shoes, combined with shorts can give a good impression. , combined with shorts can give a good impression. Moreover, the white and cream colored ponchos can create a perfect combination with stripped dresses.