How to make a knitted pouf

Getting a pouf for your floor can be a very comfortable and cozy choice for your floor. Instead of spending a good deal of money on buying some new knitted poufs for your home, you may knit one on your own by following a few easy steps and by making use of some usual household items that you probably already own. Knitted poufs normally have a diameter of almost 47 centimeters. The items that are required to knit a pouf include 5 to 6 rowan big woolen balls, fiber fill stuffing, blunt end yarn needle, stitch marker and a 9mm US circular needle.

After getting your hands on the required material, you have to start with the pouf’s bottom and leave a tail of almost 50 cm. Then you have to knit a 12 rounds spiral pattern till you reach almost 47 cm from the point of beginning. The next round is the K2tog. After completing this phase, you have to cut off the yarn with a tail of almost 50 cm. After you are done, you are on to the finishing phase where you have to knit the tail of the yarn onto the yarn needle and keep knitting through the rest of the 87 sts. Now you need to remove the need and then close the hole up by pulling the yarn. In the end, you just need to stuff the knitted pouf with a fiber of your choice to the density you desire.