How to make crochet rose bouquet?

Crochet rose bouquets are widely used for wedding purposes. The best thing about this bouquet is that it can be made very colorful and the flowers do not perish like real rose bouquet. For the missing flavor, you can spray scent on the bouquet.

For making these roses, you need small Styrofoam balls cut into half. Then you need to crochet the laces using different colors of yarn. Now glue them onto the cut half of balls to make the flowers. Finally Fix the crochet rose onto the ball using ball pins for extra security.

Now let’s learn the crochet pattern. You need to follow the following pattern to make five petal roses.

First make a magic ring. In the ring does 1 single crochet, chain 2, 2 double crochet, chain 2, 1 single crochet, chain 2, 2 double crochet, chain 2, 1 single crochet. Repeat the last set 3 more times. Then slip a single stitch into the ring and tie off. Make it tight. Make the knot behind and cut extra yarn.

Now let’s learn to make the leaves. Chain 8, in the 2nd chain from hook, single crochet. In next chain 1 from half double crochet. 1 double crochets in next 3rd chain. In the next chain 2 half double crochet. In last chain 1, single crochet. Turn the crochet to the other side. Then make 1 single crochet in the last chain where you have done the single crochet. In next chain 1, half double crochet, 1 double crochet in next 3 chains, one half double crochet in next chain and 1 single crochet in last chain. Tie off the end and you’re done.

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