How to Successfully Rock Punk Clothing

punk clothing stitch bitch lace-up patch jeans ... UETDUZH
punk clothing stitch bitch lace-up patch jeans ... UETDUZH

Fashion knows no ends in the 21st century era. You will find all sorts of fashion pieces, shoes, jewelry and most of all cultures. Punk clothing happens to be one of those cultures! The people who are dedicated and wear punk clothing on everyday basis have very different clothing styles, body modifications, cosmetics, jewelry and hairstyles. The ranges of punk clothing vary from Vivienne Westwood designs to casual North American hardcore looks. But a few things you have to know about punk fashion before stepping in their world is listed below:


Mostly punk clothing have a very limited range of colors. Black and red make most of them but white also plays a part in perfecting an outfit. The white sections of punk fashion are usually very limited and almost invisible for they are too bright. Punk clothes are all about muted, dark and heavy colors that signify a certain amount of obscurity.


If you are aspiring to be a professional punk model then your hair has to be very different than what it is now. Bright dye jobs and short edgy dos are just the ticket. Allowing sections of your hair to be a shade and others another shade is a top choice.


There is no shame in layering your neck and ears and wrists with various amounts of jewelry! Piercings and bold makeup is also a must. Bright red lipstick and black eye makeup are very common and popular. You can also make numerous ear and lip piercings and they will look awesome.

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