How to Wear Miss Me Shorts In An Outfit

miss me shorts view larger image CACFISJ
miss me shorts view larger image CACFISJ

Do you know what are Miss Me shorts? Miss Me is actually a fashion brand that specializes in producing the trendiest and most stylish denim items, sportswear, outerwear and gorgeous accessories. Their whole concept is to make women’s fashion more fun and enjoyable. That is why Miss Me shorts are probably the best shorts you have ever laid eyes on and will ever wear. Their styles and designs vary greatly from studs to embroidery to stickers you will always love their definition of fashion.

The real question arrives when you actually buy a couple of Miss Me shorts. What do you wear with them?


If you have Miss Me shorts in denim colors then grey is an all time favorite. But with the dark shade of denim shorts choose a patterned shirts with a preferably white background. On the other hand, white shorts are best partnered with pink and light colors.


This is the best part of putting together your outfit. Heels are considered very over the top and flashy for Miss Me shorts. Go for nice flip flops, they will blend very coolly. Or a cute pair of flats like pumps, sneakers, sandals and slip ons. These will really top off the casual look.


You can very freely choose your bracelets and rings. Whether you want to pack up or choose sparse ones, all will match and look great. Long necklaces that reach the end of your chest or beginning of your stomach will accentuate your top and look. Wear a fedora too!

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