Information on afghan crochet patterns

afghan crochet patterns ripple afghan crochet pattern OIYJFYS
afghan crochet patterns ripple afghan crochet pattern OIYJFYS


A crochet is a way of creating fabric that is made using threads and yarn and for this purpose a crochet hook is used which is made up of plastic or metal. The process is different than knitting because in crochet, every link and every stitch is completed before work on the next one is started, unlike in knitting, where numerous stitches are left open at one time. Crochet has many different patterns and they are influenced by the people making it, the culture and the use. Afghan crochet patterns are one of the well-known patterns in the world of crotchet. The factors that are to be considered in crochet are the type of yarn used, the type of hook and the gauge that determines how many rows have to be used to come up with a complete pattern. Afghan crochet patterns have been influenced by the culture and obviously, the pattern of thinking and the trends that prevail in the Afghan region.

Difference between crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting are quiet similar in nature however they have been named differently because they do have differences. One of the most notable differences between knitting and crochet is that crochet uses only one hook while the knitting process is dependent on two needles specially designed for knitting.

Importance in Afghanistan

Whether it is knitting or crochet, both processes are important and in Afghanistan, the weather conditions do call for any such process so that people can protect themselves against the weather. Afghan crochet patterns are unique in looks and differ from many of the other patterns because of the design that they are available in.

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