Interesting knitting socks patterns to try out

knitting socks speed bump socks ... ZSCXEYI
knitting socks speed bump socks ... ZSCXEYI

When the winter season draws near, everyone starts thinking on the best ways to keep warm and avoid freezing. Socks, hats, gloves, jackets, boots, among many other clothing items are all on the list of winter clothing. Knitted socks are a great way to keep warm both indoors and outdoors; if your boots have enough room, you can wear them to keep you warm while outdoors. Unlike other types of socks, with knitting needles, yarn and a few other items, you can make yourself socks not just for winter, but for other seasons as well.

Basket Weave Stitch Pattern

The basket weave stitch pattern can be used to make socks for both adults and children alike. It is easy to learn to do a basket weave stitch, as the most important technique you will use throughout is the knit and purl technique. For this one, choose fabric that is firm and solid, sink ether socks are best worn indoors.

Rib Stitch Pattern

The rib stitch is good for making socks with, as it adds a stretchy ability to most knitted items. It is thus used not just for socks, but also for sweaters. You will also require the knit and purl technique for this project.

Lace Stitch Pattern

The lace stitch pattern is suitable for making socks that won’t be used for the winter season, but for the warmer season. This stitching requires use of lighter yarn weight as well as making of small to medium sized holes to create the lace effect on the socks.

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