Keep warm this winter with a cable knit jumper

Cable knitting is a popular type of knitting pattern mostly used for sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and many other items due its intricate design. The pattern made resembles a cable, hence the name cable pattern. This is achieved by criss crossing stitches behind and in front of each other to create a cable stitch. The cables are made from the knit stitch and the background of the cable is made by the purl. Thus, the knit and purl technique is used to bring out the cable stitch. The background of the cable can be any suitable stitch that the knitter or crocheted prefers to incorporate with the cable, such as the seed stitch which makes the cable pattern more prominent. The resulting work is dense and less flexible when compared to other patterns used in the knitting field.

The Aran yarn is most typically used to make these jumpers. The knitter or crocheted is able to achieve a smooth polished finish with the cable stitch. Jumpers made from this pattern are very popular among both men and women. You will just have the choose the type of design used on the jumper with the cable pattern. When choosing the cable knit jumper, be aware that there are three different types available. There is the handmade cable knit jumper, the hand loomed cable knit jumper and the machine made cable knit jumper. They will all have a certain look that will differentiate them from each other. For most people, the handmade cable knit jumper is the most aesthetically appealing one.