Knit headband to style your hair

A headband is a hair accessory that you can knit for yourself either to keep your hair in place and at the same time try something new and trendy with your hair. You can create some cute, practical and amazing headbands for your hair if you see the gorgeous knit headband patterns.  You can even use your leftover yarn scraps to make innovative headbands and ear warmers.

The Dark Leaf ear warmers will definitely keep you warm in the cold weather. Many knit headband patterns are such that they cover your ears while keeping your hair in order.  The Leftover Bow headband is an adorable accessory to be worn as a necklace, a hair clip or a bow tie. The coral lace headband looks really cute on your hair for a formal or a casual occasion. The flower head warmer is a knit headband pattern for beginners who along with the headband will also learn to make knitted flowers that can be used to decorate other accessories.  Headbands can be knitted for adults as well as little girls are there are innumerable patterns to choose from. All the designs look so beautiful that it becomes difficult to make a choice. Crochet headbands also look very elegant. These designs are very easy to make and will be ready in no time at all. Sometimes these headbands are embellished with buttons, flowers and bows. Match your knitted or crochet headbands with your outfit and be ready for an event or party.

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