Knitted hat patterns to keep you looking stylish and adorable in the winter months

A knitted hat or cap made of wool is designed in a way to provide warmth in very cold weather.  Most knit hats are tapered at the top and sometimes topped with a pom-pom or loose tassels and folded at the brim. It so happens that when you go out in severe cold weather you head is the first to catch the chill so knitting a cozy hat for yourself from the various knitted hat patterns is the perfect solution.

There are versatile and at the same time stylish knitted hat patterns to be found, so you can select one that will keep your head and ears warm.  Most of the patterns are quite easy for beginners and intricate ones for advanced knitters. You can knit a hat with a ribbed brim and different cables around the crown. A real classy hat could be the checkered pattern at the brim with colorful yarn and matching colorful tassels at the top. Another attractive pattern is the Waffle hat that is basically knitted with interlocking stitches. Berets look great when worn in winter as well as in spring so you can knit one using circular needles and a yarn of your favorite color. You can select a relatively simple yet stylish pattern because they can be knitted quite quickly and look cool when worn with a matching outfit. There is such a wide range of knitted hat patterns that it becomes difficult to make a choice and you would like to knit all.

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