Knitted slippers to keep your feet warm and cozy

Knitted slippers remind you of the cozy and warm slippers knitted by Grandma. These slippers are so cute and snug that you will love to move around the house in them to keep your feet warm in the cold months. Knitting a pair of slippers is a very simple and easy task and can be done in no time at all with the scrap yarn available. You can use the garter stitch for knitting slippers and embellish them with buttons, bows and flowers. Knitted slippers can be real fun for the whole family.

To make knitted Slippers you need two balls of wool because slippers are knitted with the yarn doubled. You can either take two balls of the same color or two different colors.  If you follow the instructions from the free knitting patterns you will be able to knit small, medium or large depending on the sizes you need for your family. You can knit in the simple basic design as well as the complex ones like cables. Knitted slippers will be perfect if you mix and match colors and decorate them with pom poms and beads. For knitting slippers double pointed needles or circular needles are used. There are endless designs to choose from but aran-weight yarn and bulky yarn is mostly used due to it being the most durable. These knitted slippers are a right choice for a gift to a friend or a member of your family and they will definitely love them.

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