Knitted ties for a royal and regal finish

An accessory that can be worn round the year whether in summer or winter is a knitted tie. It can be worn with almost everything from a business suit to a denim jacket with slim cut cargo pants or also with a shirt and trousers. Despite all this a knitted tie makes you look quite elegant and regal.

The general width of knitted ties differs but the normal width should be between 2.5 to 3 inches so that that you can wear it both formally as well as casually as a sleeker tie looks quite contemporary.  A knitted tie is more versatile and a little less formal as it has a flat square bottom, but when worn under your shirt collar the bottom of the tie should be till the waistband of your trousers. The knot of a knitted tie should be the basic four-in-hand knot with the back blade hanging loose behind the front one. Regarding the color of knitted ties always go for a pastel shades in summers and darker hues in winters. Ties woven from wool and cashmere give a wintery vibe while in summers ties should be woven from silk or linen. Silk ties should have a more open weave as it looks quite classy. Knitted ties look best in solid plain colors but different patterns like horizontal stripes or zigzag are also quite common but it is best to keep them simple with just two or three colors for a subdued look.

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