Make cleaning fun with knitted dishcloth patterns

Dishcloth is an essential in the kitchen. Knitted dishcloth patterns are easily available and are very easy to follow. They are best for new learners to begin with. Knitted dishcloth patterns are very simple to understand and one can practice knitting different stitches while making a dishcloth. A knitted dishcloth can save money as they are reusable and eco friendly. They can also be gifted to your friends to show your knitting skills and get appreciation.

Basic Steps to make a knitted dishcloth pattern

  1. Create stitches as per the length required
  2. Create a border with stitches of four rows.
  3. Follow the steps as per the pattern.
  4. Knit all the stitches as per instructions of the designs up to the width required.
  5. Create a closing border
  6. Lastly cast off the extra yarn.

Patterns for dishcloth

  • Starfish cloth
  • Small spiral lace cloth
  • Squares cloth
  • Rudy cloth
  • Vine lace cloth
  • Seed block dishcloth
  • Octagonal swirl cloth
  • Diamond and heart dishcloth
  • Fall dishcloth
  • Diagonal bee dishcloth
  • Broken V’s cloth

Knitting a dishcloth does not require much of the efforts or time. They can be created whenever you have idle time or while watching TV. Knitted dishcloth is great for cleaning Their basic purpose is cleaning.  Different colored dishcloth can be used for different purposes. Plenty of them can be prepared and kept extra for use. Knitted dishcloth dries up quickly too. Using knitted dishcloths are a creative way for cleaning.