Maternity Tops Accentuate Your Figure

A mom-to-be often wonders during her pregnancy how to choose a top that accentuates her and gives her the comfort she needs. Most of the times you find a top in trendy design but it is not comfortable for your enlarged figure. When you focus on large size tops, you lose the track of style. This can be frustrating especially when you have already too much to bear. Here are some quick ways for finding maternity tops.

Look for designs that are wide at the waist but have a belt in the middle to add definition to your figure. These are the most common ones for their design and style. A belt with long and wide ends accents the top more. Do not go for wider belts but pick a soft fabric belt to tie a bow and leave the ends free. This simple trick can take your top to entirely a new level.

Wide tops that have no belt in the middle must come with ample cinching at the neck opening or upper chest part. The flowing wide lower part is left flowing to give you extra comfort. These types of tops are especially good for the last trimester of the pregnancy.

Cinching at the waist without any belt is more functional and less annoying. You wear the top alone and its design will take care of your figure. In the lower images you can see some cute tops without any belt but perfectly cinched at the waist.

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