Needle knitted baby hats

The baby hats are much popular these days. The hats protect the babies from the external environment. They can be easily knitted into different styles and shapes.

Apple hat

The red rosy color is mostly used to knit the hats. These are knitted in a round. An apple with a leaf and stem are usually knitted on apple hats.

Court jester hat

The hats are available in three sizes. These are knitted on two needles with a worsted weight yarn. Its features include three prongs that you may keep or omit.

Ear Flap hat

The knitted baby hats are easily available in the markets. These are best for the infants of one to two years old.

Easy Baby Hat

These hats can easily be knitted in a rib pattern on two needles. These are optimal for infants that are around 3-5 months old.

Easy two Needle Baby Hat

These hats have a nice I-cord finish and are stretchy. These can easily fit babies that are around 6-12 months old.

Pumpkin Hat leaf

The pumpkin knitted baby hat is an awesome knitting pattern that you can make for your baby. It includes a pumpkin stem and a pumpkin shaped hat.

Roll Brim Hat

These hats are can be made in two styles. These may be worsted weight or bulky weight. These can be knitted in different styles.

Santa Hat

These are usually round hats that are knitted especially near the Christmas days. Mostly it is knitted using two needles.